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5 Ways To Nail Camping in Your Garden

5 Ways To Nail Camping in Your Garden

The best thing about camping in your own garden is that you’re just a stones-throw away from all your at-home luxuries.

If you get too cold, you can just jump back into your own bed. Forget something? Simply nip back inside and get it 😊

Just because exotic escapes abroad are off the cards, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your own holiday experience at home.

And at Teamson, we’ve got everything you need for a special summer of camping under your own stars.

Keep reading to find out more…


1.  Tent


Choosing the right tent is key when it comes to camping – it also depends on if you want to do ‘proper’ camping or glamping is more your thing.

Often, it’s best to size-up. So, if you’re a family of 4 then getting a 5- or 6-man tent is the best way to go. Don’t forget, your pets could also be piling in for the night too!

You don’t have to break the bank either, you can get tents that cost upwards of £1,000 but you can also get more basic models.

It depends on how close to nature you want to get…

TIP: remember if you’re serious about camping when lockdown is over, make sure your tent can withstand life in the ‘wild’ and not just fun in the garden.


2.  Wood Burning Fire Pit


Some of the fondest memories can be cooking outdoors with the people you love.

Toasting marshmallows or having a full BBQ feast can be a great activity to do when camping or enjoying the great outdoors.

A Wood Burning Fire Pit is the perfect addition – great for keeping warm and cooking with ease, al fresco.

You can even have fun chopping wood together to go on your log burning fire pit.

Whose doesn’t love cosying up around a fire? It’s a great way to connect with nature.

Our Wood Burning Fire Pits Start from just £89.99!



3.  Solar Lights


You don’t want me scrabbling around in the dark looking for a light.

This is why solar lights are so great, getting their power from sun, at night – they automatically come on!

You can pick them up really cheap and they can make your garden look really special.

Whether it’s a table lantern or hanging tree lights, make your garden light up this summer.


4.  Outdoor Chairs


When the kids have snuggled down to sleep in their sleeping bags, it’s nice to have somewhere for the adults to relax.

Crawling arounds on your hands and knees in a tent can take its toll on anyone.

Grab a blanket and a glass of wine – and relax into a comfy chair.

We think our Outdoor Wicker Bistro Set is the perfect partner – it comes with a foldable side table, perfect for perching a drink on!

Our high-quality furniture sets start from £279.99



5.  Soft Furnishings


Don’t underestimate how many blankets and cushions you’re going to need to make everyone comfortable.

You want to keep everyone cosy outside, especially when it starts to get cooler as the evening draws in.

Throwing some scatter cushions down on a picnic blanket will make it the most enviable spot in the garden!

Also, you definitely don’t want to use your best soft furnishing – ones with removable covers and machine washable is advised.

Throw is some fluffy bed socks for good measure, there’s nothing worse than cold feet…


Use our FREE Garden Camping Checklist!


Download and print a PDF version: Garden Camping Checklist

So that’s it, everything you need for a summer of fun and camping in your garden.

You don’t need to be abroad to have an amazing time. All you need is a tent, your loved ones and the great outdoors.

Happy camping!