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How Your Family Can Practice Sustainable Living

How Your Family Can Practice Sustainable Living

Mother Nature is a work of art, providing your family with everything from blissful outdoor escapes to the furniture that is sprinkled around your home.

With a culture so wrapped up in convenience, the life of the modern consumer has never been easier. With countless retailers at your fingertips, 2 day shipping, and more affordable products on the market than ever before, you can have just about anything delivered directly to your door. Each of these things have led to people caring less about the quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability of the products they buy.

Whether you are looking for a new dining room table, a work from home desk or furniture and toys for your children, it is so important to know that the purchases you make for your family are ethical, environmentally-friendly, and non-toxic.

Why Your Family Should Make Sustainable Purchases 

The environment is sacred, and requires respect and conscious decision making if it is going to continue to support life on Earth. While going solar and driving less are great ways to live more environmentally friendly lives, they are actions that may be more costly or simply not compatible for an entire family — and that is okay!

By educating your children on these important matters and making sustainable purchases as a family, you can positively impact the environment.

Not sure where to purchase non-toxic, sustainably made furniture and toys for your home and kids? Teamson has you covered.

But what exactly makes our products sustainable?

Medium-Density Fibreboard 

Some of Teamson’s products are made with medium-density fibreboard, or MDF, a sustainable and environmentally friendly recycled wood fiber. The recycled materials used to make MDF are oftentimes wood shavings and other wood fragments that would otherwise be discarded.

Paper Veneer 

Many of Teamson’s furniture pieces and toys are made with paper veneer. Paper veneer is made from super thin slices of patterned paper and applied to flat surfaces, including MDR, to create a finish that is as clean and sleek as it is sustainable.

Non-Toxic, Water Based Paints 

Our paints are water based, non-toxic, and ethically sourced, so you can rest assured that your family is not being exposed to harmful chemicals in their own home.

Our Favourite Sustainable Furniture Pieces & Toys  

Whether you are looking for indoor home decor, outdoor furniture, children’s furniture or spectacular role-play toys, Teamson has beautifully designed and sustainably crafted options for you and your family. Check out some of our favourites below.

Kingston Coffee Table — Faux Marble and Walnut

Designed for an ever-evolving life, the Kingston collection offers total versatility and functionality. Place the Kingston coffee table in your living room and display your favourite decor.


Dawson Coffee Table — Walnut 

Made with a solid wood frame and featuring beautifully contrasting walnut and black finishes, this mid-century modern table stands on sturdy wooden legs with antique, brass-finished end caps. Use the large surface area to rest all of your favorite belongings.


Little Chef Munich Retro Play Kitchen — Espresso 

This contemporary play kitchen features a sleek espresso look and gray accents. The functional and interactive design includes various appliances, 2 induction burners that make realistic cooking noises and glow red when turned on, a range hood, and a sink. With realistic details and a removable electric writing board that fits into the refrigerator door, this toddler kitchen encourages role play and lights up your little chef’s imagination and creativity. The durable and eco-friendly MDF construction is kid-safe and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth for every day messes.

Thank you for reading.

Team Teamson x