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Teamson is a global lifestyle home designs brand bringing joy into every home through beautiful, quality pieces made for stylishly comfortable everyday living.

As we reset around this new normal, our homes, more than ever, have become the base where we seek protection, warmth, inspiration, and comfort. Design can inspire a beautiful journey of discovery to design and live our best lives.


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We believe thoughtful and creative designs can make us happy. We design around all the little ways our home can become a place of comfort, discovery, and fun. Our family of style-loving consumers in North America, Europe, Asia and soon in Australia share a passion for making style statements and crafting memories.

Well-made pieces that make you feel at home.
Beautiful, creative pieces that make a statement and build new memories.
Sustainable designs that are thoughtful in every way and that strive to use resources responsibly.
Designing around the changing needs of our loyal consumers.
Delivering quality designs that bring joy.

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